Faster Customs Clearing: Cross Border Paperless Trade

The Ministry of Trade and Economic Development (MTED) hosted the 2nd Module for the Cross-Border Paperless Trade Training on the 12th May, 2021 (Wednesday) focusing on a faster clearance system of cross border customs processes.
clearing customs could be done at light speed
The new process is ASYCUDA (Automated System for Customs Data), which deals with new internationally-accepted ICT means of passage, transfer, authentication, and verification of customs clearance documents and payments. In other words, customs clearance would be done literally at light speed. Other Pacific countries are also in the process of adopting ASYCUDA systems.
International E-Commerce consultant Mr. Sven Callebaut (TradeWorthy) started up the Module while, Regional Coordinator for the Pacific (ASYCUDA Program, DTL, UNCTAD) Mr. Jayvee Santos presented on ASYCUDA  and how it can benefit Tonga in the long run. International Government Relations & Trade and Investment specialist Mr. Danny Burrows (TradeWorthy) joined in also virtually via zoom.
The local ASYCUDA project team Mr. Lauaki Luani and Mr. Alifeleti Lynch and representatives Mr. Michael Cokanasiga and Mr. Palatasa Havea from the Ministry of Revenue and Customs also participated in the presentations portraying the vision of what ASYCUDA can do for Tonga. Also attending were representatives from both public and private sector– shipping agencies, importers, exporters, customs brokers etc.
ASYCUDA will be beneficial to Tonga in speeding up clearance times at ports of entry: assessment of the Customs declarations, reducing transaction time of payment and release of cargo, and more.

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