Business Support

The Business Support Division of the Ministry is dedicated to assist in promoting and development of local businesses, community businesses, informal micro MSMEs and further to expanding and diversifying of Tonga’s exports earnings through the implementation of the Ministry’s exports supply chain program. There is twelve (12) full time staff in this Division and is headed by the Deputy Secretary of the Division. The Core functions of the Division are as follows:

Local Business Development

This Unit is responsible for provision of targeted business supports to enhance the capacity and productivity of the local manufacturing businesses in Tonga. This Unit also provides a local promotional campaign program known as the ‘Buy Tonga Made’ promotional campaign that aims towards promoting and raises the awareness and supports of the local markets of the products that are made in Tonga.

Informal Business Development

This Unit works toward provision targeted support programs that empower and building capacity the informal Micro MSMEs. This program is aims to increase their effectiveness and efficiency of the informal MSMEs in producing and selling of the products that they are producing best. The Unit also conducts business development trainings and workshops that targets to build the skills and business knowledge capacity of the informal MSMEs.

Community Business Development

This Unit is focus on development of the community businesses particularly the Cooperatives and Credit Unions in the community. The Unit provides targeted supporting programs from the Ministry towards development of primary Farmers Cooperatives in the villages through by development of cooperatives development plans and linked them to the Ministry’s financial empowerment packages for community businesses.

Exports Supply Chain

This Unit is responsible for liaising with the export markets for the exports from Tonga to overseas market. They provide facilitative supports through processing and exporting of produce from the farmers to be targeted for exports. The Unit is also leading the works into development and establishing of processing and packing house facilities and purchasing of equipment to facilitate the increasing exports from the Divisions export supply chain program.