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Tonga Signs the Revised Georgetown Agreement of the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) Group of States

Trade Policy Review 2021

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Enabling business environment that is conducive to inclusive, sustainable and resilient economic growth



Targeted support program that builts the productive capacity of local businesses

Foreword from the Minister

The Corporate Plan sets out the course for MTED efforts to respond effectively to the  development, trade and commercial needs of the Kingdom including new initiatives to address Tonga’s economic vulnerabilities to external and global shocks including natural hazards.  Under this CP’s result map, the ministry will expand its activities to reform of the business environment, facilitate increasing trade, sustainable commerce, consumer protection, and more effective labour market to strengthen linkages to the Tonga Strategic Development Framework and the Government Priority Agenda for Financial Years 2021/22-2023/24.

MTED will play an important role in supporting closer partnerships between the Government, business community, and market destinations to drive stronger and faster economic growth by combining resources, knowledge and partnerships. The Ministry has re-focused its traditional key outputs from seven (7) to four (4) in order to be more targeted, expand private sector operations and trade, and strengthen commercial sustainability.

The Plan also draw particular attention towards key reforms to improve ease of doing business and mobilize higher investment.  The ministry will encourage a one-government approach in the implementation of the Plan, by bringing together government expertise across the civil service to effectively execute the Corporate Plan.

The CEO and staff have our full support in the implementation of the Corporate Plan in the years ahead.

Hon. Tatafu Moeaki

Minister, Ministry of Trade & Economic Development

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Message from the CEO

The Ministry of Trade and Economic Development contributes to the wellbeing of Tongans by supporting our economy to become more productive, resilient and sustainable. This Corporate Plan (CP) has been developed to address some of the key development constraints identified by the Ministry for a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Over the next three years, the Ministry will continue its partnerships with its stakeholders to further identify ways to improve our business environment in order to promote inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth. It will continue to implement its targeted support programs in order to build the productive capacity of local businesses and SMEs and developing of a labour market conditions and standards that supports business growth, decent work and higher labour participation in both the formal and informal sector. Also, it will continue to promote a robust and fair trade regime that shapes consumer and business behaviours and provide targeted supports programs that increases and diversify Tongan exports and promotes foreign direct investments.

The Ministry have undertaken gap analysis to ensure that we address those constraints in the Corporate Plan and have established SMART KPIs at every level so as to drive and promote a performance-driven, knowledge based organization that is diligently committed to excellence. It also acknowledges the integral role of its stakeholders and development partners in the successful implementations and achievements of our objectives and therefore it is committed to working closer with them to ensure that our services are responsive to their needs.

Together, we will be able to achieve the TSDF II national vision of a “more progressive Tonga supporting  higher quality of life for all”.


Distaquaine Tu’ihalamaka

Chief Executive Officer


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