Meet the Team

Tevita Lautaha

Deputy CEO - Business Support

The Business Support Division of the Ministry is dedicated to assist in promoting and development of local businesses, community businesses, informal micro MSMEs and further to expanding and diversifying of Tonga’s exports earnings through the implementation of the Ministry’s exports supply chain program.

Poinisetia Paongo

Deputy CEO - Business Registry & Intellectual Property

The Business Registry & Intellectual Property Division contributes to the TSDF II Organizational Outcomes of ‘’STRENGTHENED BUSINESS ENABLING ENVIRONMENT’’.

There are three sub-programs that makes up this Division:

1. Business Registration & Information: Develop and implement a strategy to provide efficient business registries, infrastructure and information
2. Business Regulatory Framework: Develop and implement a strategy to improve the local business regulatory framework
3. Intellectual Property: Develop a strategy to improve the local IP regulatory environment so as to improve and strengthen business competitiveness

Sandradee Fifita

Deputy CEO - Consumer Protection & Fair Trade

responsibility of this division is to provide a robust consumer protection and fair trade regime that shapes consumer and business behaviour.

This is delivered through the following programs handled by respective units.
1) Consumer Protection Regulatory Environment Unit – Provision of an institutional framework that promotes consumer welfare

2) Consumer Awareness & Education Unit – Consumer awareness and education programs to improve consumer knowledge, responsibilities and rights.

3) Price Control Unit – Facilitation of Competent Authority policy directions on regulated goods and services.

4) Consumer Compliance & Enforcement Unit – Enforcement and compliance requirements prescribed under the Consumer Protection Act, Price Control Act, and Weight and Measures Act.

Pauline Siasau

Deputy CEO - Investment & Export

Trade and Investment Division contributes to the TSDF II Outcome of “Better access to, and use of overseas trade and employment, and foreign investment.” To achieve this, this division is responsible in providing a targeted support programs that increases and diversifies Tongan exports and promote Foreign Direct Investment.

Lorraine Kauhenga

Deputy CEO - Trade

he Policy and Planning Division contributes mainly to the TSDF II Organisational Outcome of “Closer public/private partnership for economic growth.” By that, the Division has set an output of achieving a “Closer and effective public/private partnership that supports economic growth.”

Following on the above, Policy has three (3) outputs and each output is allocated to each unit of the Division and it is as follows:

1) Policy and Partnership Unit - Provision of sound and evidence-based policy advise and support to the delivery of the Ministry’s organizational outputs.

2) Planning and Monitoring Unit - Effective management plans and to drive performance improving with in the Ministry.

3) Legal Unit - Provision of legal advice and support to the delivery of the Ministry’s outputs.