Business Support Division

The Business Support Division of the Ministry is dedicated to assist in promoting and development of local businesses, community businesses, informal micro MSMEs and further to expanding and diversifying of Tonga’s exports earnings through the implementation of the Ministry’s exports supply chain program.

Investment & Export Promotion

Trade and Investment Division contributes to the “Better access to, and use of overseas trade and employment, and foreign investment.” To achieve this, this division is responsible in providing a targeted support programs that increases and diversifies Tongan exports and promote Foreign Direct Investment.

Trade Negotiation & Policy

The Policy and Planning Division contributes mainly to the TSDF II Organisational Outcome of “Closer public/private partnership for economic growth.” By that, the Division has set an output of achieving a “Closer and effective public/private partnership that supports economic growth.”

Business Registry & IP

The Business Registry & Intellectual Property Division contributes to the TSDF II Organizational Outcomes of ‘’STRENGTHENED BUSINESS ENABLING ENVIRONMENT’’.


The Labour Division contributes to the TSDF II Organisational Outcome of “Strengthened business enabling environment” through the provision of a labour market conditions and standards that support business, growth, decent work and higher labour participation in both formal and informal sector.

Consumer Protection & Fair Trade

The organisational output or responsibility of this division is to provide a robust consumer protection and fair trade regime that shapes consumer and business behaviour.