About Us

MTED is the Government’s leading Ministry in developing, stimulating and promoting economic development.

Our focus is not only to advance and grow our economy, but to also ensure that the wealth and gains from economic growth are shared by all, particularly by those who are less fortunate. This new challenge, is entitled, the Inclusive Economic Development Reform.

Stakeholder management is integral to MTED and the successful achievement of our objectives will continue to require a stronger partnership with our key partners and stakeholders.

We are therefore committed to working closer with our key clients to implement our ambition for success, so as to ensure that our services are responsive, and produce tangible results and positive impacts to their needs and requirements.

Together with our various stakeholders, we will be able to achieve the TSDF II strategic national impact of a “more progressive and responsive Tonga, and with supporting for a higher quality of life for all through more inclusive and sustainable growth and development”.

Organisational Structure