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The Ministry of Trade & Economic Development

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The Ministry of Trade and Economic Development operates in an environment guided by the Constitution of Tonga and mandated by 18 legislations and the Tonga Strategic Development Framework II (TSDF II)

“more progressive Tonga, supporting a higher quality of life for all, through more inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development.” – TSDF II

To achieve a more inclusive and sustainable economic growth, the Ministry is specifically mandated to provide the following outcomes:

  1. Closer public/private partnership for economic growth
  2. Strengthened business enabling environment
  3. Better access to, and use, of overseas trade, employment and foreign investment

The Ministry have therefore drawn the following outputs to be delivered to achieve the above outcomes:

  1. Promoting an enabling business environment that is conducive to inclusive, sustainable and resilient economic growth;
  2. Providing targeted support to promote entrepreneurship and build the productive capacity of local businesses;
  3. Developing an environment that is conducive to pro-poor business and grassroots economic development;
  4. Developingandpromotinglabourmarketconditionsandstandardsthatsupportbusinessgrowth, decent work and higher labour participation in both the formal and informal sector;
  5. Developing a robust consumer protection and fair-trade regime that shapes consumer and business behaviour;
  6. ProvidingtargetedsupporttoincreaseanddiversifyTonganexportsandpromoteFDI.

Divisions of the Ministry

  1. Corporate Services Division
  2. Trade Division
  3. Business Registry and Intellectual Property Division
  4. Business Support Division
  5. Trade and Investment Division
  6. Consumer Protection and Fair Trade Division
  7. Labour Division



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